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Bezalel graduate in visual communication; Specialized in engraving, cutting workshops
Wood, silk screen printing and lithography.
1974 Director of a design studio
Member of the Association of Painters, Designers and Illustrators.
Designed campaigns for the Israel Museum, the Symphony Orchestra, and the municipality
Jerusalem, the Israel Festival, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Taglit project,
Keren Hayesod for the Israel Lands Administration and more.
Won many image and logo design competitions: Congress Center
Years to the Hebrew University at Mount 75 in the Nation Buildings, Jerusalem; jubilee
The Scouts, and for Keren Hayesod; Designed the international logo for identification
With the State of Israel; The logo of the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot; Contest logo
Eurovision; Logo of the “Jerusalem” Festival – a celebration of Hebrew song.

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Won the Israeli delegation to the 2102 London Olympics –
First among the countries of the world; Won first place in the “Golden Section” competition
Of the Association of Israeli Designers on the Design of an Intentional System for
Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot and other awards for book design
And experiential educational centers; Designed the early childhood center “at height
The eyes ”in Holon;

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