About Dudu Harel

About Dudu Harel


Dudu Harel, a graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Visual Communication Studies, Harel specializes in etching, wood-cut, silk-print and lithography workshops;

Harel is a member of the Association of Painters, Designers and Illustrators, and operates a successful design studio in Jerusalem, since 1974.

Harel designed numerous campaigns, books and Logos, was awarded many prizes for his designs and won many contests of Image and Logo designing. These include – The Israel Museum, the Symphonic Orchestra, the Municipality of Jerusalem, Israel’s Festival, the Eurovision contest, Keren Ha-Yesod, project ‘Taglit’, the Jerusalem Congress Center, the Hebrew University 75 Year Jubilee, the “Shirusalem” Song Festival, the International Logo of Solidarity with Israel, and the School of Agriculture in Rechovot, where his book and tuning- system won the first prize at the “Golden Cut” contest by the Israeli Designers’ Association.

Among his significant designs are also the Album “A Hundred Years of Culture in Israel”, published by Yediot Achronot and Am Oved; the Experiential Center for the Arts, for kindergarten children in Holon; the Rabin Education Center at the Yitzchak Rabin Youth Hostel and Guest House in Jerusalem (1999-2000), awarded in 2004 the Martha Prize for Tolerance and Democratic Values, for its unique program “The Red Lines of Israeli Democracy”; “The Great Revolt” Education Center at Masada (2007); and the Herzl Education Center for Zionist Studies, solely based on multimedia and current advanced technologies (2012).

On 2016 Harel designed for the ‘World Zionist Organization’ a 150 meter long exhibition titled “120 Years of Zionism”, containing some three dimensional designs, exhibited throughout 2017 in the main terminal of Ben-Gurion Airport.

The jewel in the crown is the reconstruction of Byzantine stores at the Cardo, in the Old City of Jerusalem, where all the mosaic work is based on his paintings. In 2017 he also won the designing contest for the coin designating the 70 Year Jubilee of Israel. He had numerous exhibitions of his paintings displayed in Israel and abroad, and many art collections contain his works.

1980 Yael Gallery, New Jersey, Washington, USA
1982 Beit HaOmanin ,Artists House, Jerusalem
1986 “The Rebirth of Israel Haggadah: Exhibition, Haaretz Museum
1988  Bezalel Alumni, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1989 Designers’ paperwork exhibition, Israel Museum
1990 Exhibition in Tokyo Japan
2000 Rabin Education Center, Rabin Youth Hostel, Jerusalem
2001 Homage to the Giants, Jerusalem Theater
2002 Exhibition of paintings,Paris EUROPART,  Wassenberg, Germany
2006 The Great Revolt, Masada Experiential Center
2008 Ein Kerem,Exhibition of paintings
2009 Colors of Morocco paintings, Blumen Gallery, Marais, Paris
2010 The Rebirth of Israel Haggadah: Exhibition, Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem
2011 People as flowers, Peres center for Peace.
2012 The Smart Wall, experiential visitor center, Mount Herzl
2014 Medal design for the Olympic delegation in London, won first place in the world

2014 Exhibition of paintings, Jerusalem Museum of Nature
2015 Exhibition of paintings, Ein Kerem, Beit Daniela
2016 Exhibition of mosaic project paintings in Cardo Jerusalem old city
2017 Israel 70 independence day , won the coin design competition
2018 “Cinema Pardodo”, Cinematech Jerusalem

2020 “Cinema Pardodo”, Cinematech Tel Aviv

2023 Israel@75 ” My Jerusalem” paintings, Los Angeles

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